Soon coming to London to shoot, I do got one space left for a family photography session. I will be in London on the 31st until the 7th of April, so if you got time and want to book a session then go head and contact me. I can offer a session in your comfort of your home or in the park. All my sessions includes high quality digital images made with love and edited to profession. I will deliver the once you want on a usb stick made in wood and a handmade wood box just for you. You will be able to use the photos to frame them up and post on your social media. I want to make your vision to come true and get those magical images just for you. We will plan the session together so it will be perfect just for you.

It will be so nice to go back to London and shoot again. It wasn’t long ago since I where there shooting for a little newborn baby boy, named Oliver. I will update you with photos from that session shortly. I am actually editing the photos at the moment for the parents. It’s so lovely to be able to create some magical and special images for families and couples. I really love it.

This trip will be my last trip until around October. I am pregnant myself and won’t be able to fly soon. It’s a nice reason why I won’t be able to come around during the summer. To expect another little one to add to the family is a magical time in our lives. Absolutely amazing.

If you are interested in booking then please contact me and we will plan your perfect photo session. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Veronica

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The spring is coming with big steps and it’s time to book for your pregnancy session out in the parks by the flowers. The amazing natural light that are coming now and the flowers will bloom and make your photos look magical and like a fairy tail. The spring is an amazing time to get out and capture the beauty of a pregnant women, the joy the love and all the excitement for their little one is priceless.

This particular photo was taken at Kew Gardens, a wonderful park with loads of nice trees and flowers and there is always a place that will suite you. The bluebells are blooming in late April if you want to catch that blue/purple look for your photos. It can never look wrong. If you are interested in booking a session with me then go ahead and contact me. I will be waiting for you email and we will make your magical photo session come true.

I recommend you not to wait until last minute, I can get very busy and don’t want to having to say no because of space. The best time to book is after 20 weeks of your pregnancy. I am so looking forward to hearing from you.

Newborn T MiniSession by Photographer Template

Kommer du att vara mellan 30-36 veckor gravid?
Då har jag ett erbjudande på en gravid fotografering i min studio och även ute om man vill.
Då det ingår 5 digitala bilder som du noga får välja ut och blir levererat på en usb sticka av trä.
Du får dessa 5 digitala bilder helt gratis då i vanliga fall är det 850kr bara för fotograferingen min tid och kunskap och redigering men nu har du chansen att få 5 bilder också.
Jag har endast 5 platser så det är först i kvarn.

Ser fram emot att höra ifrån dig och få ta underbara sommar gravid bilder med dig.
Äldre syskon och pojkvän, man eller äldre syskon är mer än välkomna att vara med på fotograferingen.

Stacy kom med sin mamma, pappa och stora syster.
Stacy var 7 dagar gammal och otroligt mysig liten tjej.
Hennes mamma vann en tävling på min Instagram verojphotography, det kommer lite tävlingar då och då.

Vi tog några underbara bilder av Stacy och hennes familj. Alltid lika kul att få fånga underbara bildminnen.
Vi hade en liten mat paus och lite kramar. För att få Stacy att somna in.
Hon var super duktig liten tjej, stora syster var inte lika glad och ville ej vara med på bild hon var lite trött.
Det är ok så kan det bli ibland, det är svårt för en 4 åring att bli stora syster det är mycket känslor.
Men jag tycker hon var duktig ändå.

Min största uppgift under en nyfödd fotografering är säkerhet, att ha placera en nyfödd bebis säkert och bekvämt är otroligt viktigt för mig. Jag har alltid någon nära den nyfödda antigen jag eller om jag behöver gå och hämta något så ser jag till att en förälder är nära intill. Men självklart är det också min uppgift att ta underbara bildminnen.

Nyfödd fotografering är min stora passion och ser fram emot att kunna dela detta här i Stockholm.

Här får ni njuta av lite fina bilder.

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Why book a newborn photographer, and what to think about for the shoot.

I would say that the first weeks of a newborns life is so precious and how quickly they turn from newborns to babies is quick and we easily forget how little they where. So having those photos of their tiny toes and they curls and you holding them in your arms. That’s amazing memories and photos to be loved forever.
What I love the most is those family photos when the whole family is included and none else has to miss and be behind the camera. The other plus is that these photo will be high quality and can be framed very big and look amazing on your wall.

The best time for a newborn session is within their 14 days of life to get those sleepy cute shots.
Don’t you worry if you end up feeling that you can’t leave the house to come to my studio I can always come to you. It’s something that we also can leave open until the little one is born.

What to think about for a newborn session is to contact your photographer early for your booking, there is always a limit of space. You never know when those little once decide to come.
When you done your booking there will be a little preplan with a little questionnaire so I can prep for the shoot. Of course you will need to let me know as soon as the baby been born so we can book an actual day and time. The session can take up to 4 hours so be prepared to have enough diapers, and baby food with you for the shoot.
I will provide with all props and of course some snacks and coffee and tea and a comfy seat. If you have siblings for the little newborn, of course they are welcome to the shoot and they will have their little shine inte the lights to and get some sibling photos and family photos. I will have a few toys to play with for them.

The best for parents to do when they come is to relax and don’t be worried if they won’t sleep. I have my tricks and little things I can do and of course there is loads of cute ways to get pictures with a baby that is awake.

I will edit the photos and upload them to your private online gallery where you can view the images and choose the once that you love the most. ( within 2 weeks. )

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