Cake Smash Photography Session in Stockholm

Why Cake Smash Photography?

There are so many reason to have a cake smash session with your little one! Firstly, they are amazingly fun and can get oh so messy, but the little ones tend to love playing with a bright and colourful cake. It’s a wonderful way to chime in your child’s 1st birthday – letting them get as messy as they please with a tasty, giant, cup cake. What a fun experience!

These photos are also perfect for birthday party invitations, thank you cards, or even just to share with friends and family. They also give a great splash of colour when framed up on walls around the house – a reminder of that first special year with your little one.

You can also choose the colour of your cake and sessions can take up to two hours (depending on how quick the little one dives into the cake) and of course before the cake comes in I always take a few families photos.

But what about the mess?

No worries! I have a little bathtub in the studio which you can give your little one a good wash in so there’s no need to worry about sticky fingers!

If your interested in a cake smash session please feel free to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you! Can’t wait to meet you and your family soon.

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