Pregnancy Photography London

Vero J Fotograf

The spring is coming with big steps and it’s time to book for your pregnancy session out in the parks by the flowers. The amazing natural light that are coming now and the flowers will bloom and make your photos look magical and like a fairy tail. The spring is an amazing time to get out and capture the beauty of a pregnant women, the joy the love and all the excitement for their little one is priceless.

This particular photo was taken at Kew Gardens, a wonderful park with loads of nice trees and flowers and there is always a place that will suite you. The bluebells are blooming in late April if you want to catch that blue/purple look for your photos. It can never look wrong. If you are interested in booking a session with me then go ahead and contact me. I will be waiting for you email and we will make your magical photo session come true.

I recommend you not to wait until last minute, I can get very busy and don’t want to having to say no because of space. The best time to book is after 20 weeks of your pregnancy. I am so looking forward to hearing from you.

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