West London Newborn Photography | Maia | by Vero J.

Beautiful Maia visited my West London Studio for her newborn photography session at just 9 days old. She was absolutely gorgeous – she is a mix of 11 different nationalities so I won’t write them all down or you might be here reading all day! She came in very sleepy so the session was really fun capturing some amazing shots of her sleeping very comfortably like a little princess. She woke up about half way through for a little break which ended up being quite a long break as she kept her eyes open for a while!

But that was fine because that allowed us to see those big beautiful brown eyes and capture some fantastic family photos with her wonderful parents. They all were so natural in front of the camera (with Maia leading the way of course). We captured some fantastic shots of each parent with Maia and then a few group shots of them together. I also have to mention that Maia had the longest eyelashes that I’ve ever seen on a newborn baby! How cute!

Christmas season is coming up! The final run to the New Year  – would love to hear from you and your family if you are looking for a newborn photography session or baby photography session! I also do Christmas style sessions!

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